3D Models

Spellcasting focus
A prop made for my game art class. It's supposed to be a spellcasting focus that can emit a lot of light to scare off enemies.
For this assignment, we could make anything, really. I wanted to make a character, so after a lot of sketches to find something cool, I found this flamingo and I liked him. The model and texture were done in about 3 days.
Reptisect version 2
I did not like the previous texture on my reptisect so I made a new one. For this texture, I taught myself how to texture paint in Blender, a skill I would like to improve in.
This is the first organic thing I've modelled. It's a mix of a gila monster, a giraffe weevil and a stalk eyed fly. While I really like the model, the texture is kinda bad. I will make a new one soon.
Ivory bell model
This original prop is the first time I used UV mapping on a model. It's an ivory bell that once belonged to a rich family.
It's a hand
This 3D hand model was made in class, using Blender and Sculptris.
Vintage Robot
My first 'Original' 3D model, this weird robot was made for a school assignment.
Meer weergeven

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